What is a Swap Rate?

A swap is interest paid or received for holding a position over rollover/end of day. On a currency pair interest is paid on the currency sold and received on the currency bought. In addition, swap rates are driven by the interbank spread and cross currency basis.

Swap charges are released on a weekly basis by financial institutions that we work with. They are calculated based on the charges we incur to roll the positions in the market. The swap charge is measured on a standard size of 1.0 lot.

For the latest swap rates please log into your Global Prime MT4 Trading Platform. Swap rates are subject to change based upon market volatility.

Remember Wednesdays is a triple swap day for FX.
This is due to market close on Saturday and Sunday.

To view live swaps

Log onto MT4 > Enable Market Watch window > Right Click on the currency pair > Select specifications

What is Financing Fee?

Financing fee is the cost you pay to hold a trading position on CFD trades.
It helps traders gain access to leveraged products while only having to pay and initial margin to open the position. As such, the financing fee reflects the cost of borrowing or lending the asset(s) which relate to your position(s). In addition, if dividends are paid out on the relevant index, then long positions will receive a positive adjustment, while short positions will receive a negative adjustment.

Remember Friday is a triple fee day for CFDs

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